The launch of the educational project "Restart the Heart"
The launch of the educational project "Restart the Heart"
The project aims to provide mass training to the population in first aid skills.

In the State institution "Republican Clinical Medical Center" under the Administration of the President of the Republic of Belarus, in collaboration with the public association "Belarusian Society for Simulation Training in Medicine," and with the participation of the Ministries of Health and Education, the implementation of the Educational project "Restart the Heart" has commenced."


The project's objective is the widespread training of the population in first aid skills during cardiac arrest, under the slogan «Teaching to Save Lives!».

On January 13, 2024, the Educational Simulation Center of the RCMC was visited by the director, Yu.I. Anisimova, and 8 students from the State Educational Institution "Grodno City Gymnasium named after A.I. Dubko." The students were introduced to the potential of simulation training for medical professionals.


They also had the opportunity to practice first aid for airway obstruction and the algorithm of cardiopulmonary resuscitation on simulators with high realism feedback.


Senior students from high schools and gymnasiums from all regions will participate in the project. A mass thematic flash mob is also planned as part of the project.