Endovideosurgery: from theory to practice
Endovideosurgery: from theory to practice

Training equipment: training simulators for laparoscopy and robot-assisted interventions (UAS, Germany)

Cost in Belarusian rubles per participant: for Belarus citizens — 444.89 BYN, for foreign citizens — 819.45 BYN

training duration - 40 hours (five days)
number of listeners – 2 to 3 students

The aim of the “Endovideosurgery” training program is capacity development of surgeons in the field of endosurgery and extension of theoretic knowledge and practical skills of laparoscopic surgery.

The objectives of the training program are:

  • acquiring, development and systematization of knowledge on technical capabilities of endovideosurgery, particularities of preoperative preparation and postoperative period management for minimally invasive operations;
  • familiarization with novel endovideosurgery instruments and medical equipment;
  • mastering hands-on skills and practices of laparoscopic instrument application (trocars, forceps, dissectors, scissors, needle holders, suturing devices, etc.) during tissue dissection, transection and suturing;
  • improvement of skills during endosurgical interventions in cases of various abdominal cavity organ pathologies;
  • familiarization with advanced endohemostasis techniques, mastering related skills, learning the procedures of revision, sanation and draining of the abdominal cavity, as well as of extra- and intracorporal surgical knotting techniques.

Types of training activities: lectures and practical training sessions.

Teaching methods: clinical case studies, analysis and interpretation of X-ray, laboratory and instrumental study data, solving case problems, training practical skills using simulation equipment, video presentations of operations, participation in medical interventions and manipulations.

The program specifically focuses on the use of simulation-based training technologies. Imitation and simulation of clinical situations will be carried out on simulation equipment that provides a highly realistic representation (video training simulators and robotic simulators).

Training aids: computers, multimedia projector, X-ray viewer, laparoscopic training equipment (enhanced realism simulators for laparoscopic procedure training).

The duration of the competence development program is one week (40 hours), with full time mode of study.

Final skill and knowledge assessment is carried out in the form of an interview.

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