Training equipment: training simulators for laparoscopy and robot-assisted interventions (USA, Germany)

Cost in Belarusian rubles per participant: for Belarus citizens — 277.57 BYN, for foreign citizens — 461.49 BYN

training duration - 16 hours (two days)
number of listeners – 2 to 4 students

The training program is intended for a broad audience of surgeons wishing to acquire skills in the field of endovideosurgery. A qualified trainee shall specialize in surgery and possess the basic knowledge required to take part in the training course: theoretical knowledge and practical skills in surgery, as well as some experience of independent performance of open surgical interventions on the abdominal cavity organs (appendectomy, cholecystectomy, hernioplasty etc.)

The training program is practice-oriented with the major part of time dedicated to training hands-on skills with the use of modern trainers and simulators of the Simulation Center.

After the completion of the training course, trainees will carry out a simulation scenario (solving a specific simulation problem in real time with the use of manual skills).

Trainees succeeding in the practical test will be issued completion certificates.

Please note that the fees stated above apply to the basic level of training. Advanced training course fees:

Belarus citizens – 341.39 rubles;
Foreign citizens – 642.26 rubles.

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