Somnology: theory and practice
Somnology: theory and practice
[I.S. Abelskaya, S.A. Likhachev, N.M. Chechik, T.V. Mokhort, Yu.N. Rushkevich, I.P. Doroshkevich]

The monograph "Somnology: theory and practice" is devoted to one of the most interesting areas in modern medicine - sleep medicine. Currently, success is not possible without a close relationship between research and clinical practice. The publication combines studies of doctors in the field of sleep pathology of various specialties (neurologists, sleepwalkers, endocrinologists and therapists) performed in the Republic of Belarus.

A person spends a third of his life in a state of sleep, therefore, high-quality, long, normally structured sleep is an important component and guarantee of human health. It should be noted that pathological conditions can affect the structure and quality of sleep, and the monograph describes for the first time a number of diseases with clinical manifestations during sleep.

The work of the co-authors reflected an excellent combination of clinical studies with clinical examples of specific conditions that can manifest themselves during sleep in patients with various somatic pathologies.

Of particular interest is the chapter on clinical somnology, which includes sleep pathology in chronic cerebrovascular diseases, motor neuron disease, myasthenia gravis, sleep disorders in Covid 19. The identified features allow a deeper understanding and assessment of the need for full diagnostics and competent therapy aimed at improving the condition of patients and disease prognosis. The features of sleep structure described for the first time make it possible to understand the effect of high glycemic values ​​on the pathology of breathing during sleep in patients with a normal body mass index and a long history of diabetes mellitus.

The monograph is based on an extensive review of the literature, accompanied by clinical examples, contains valuable material for practical use, and therefore is of considerable interest both to researchers and practitioners, and to clinical residents, graduate students, and students preparing for professional activities.