Guidelines of patient preparation for blood collection for biochemical test

  1. On the day before taking blood for biochemical studies, physical exercises, stress, physiotherapy procedures, administration of pharmaceuticals (with the exclusion of cases of pharmacological therapy prescribed by a physician; in this case the decision to suspend medication shall be made by the consulting physician), administration of oral contraceptives, drinking alcoholic beverages and eating fatty food shall be excluded. Immediately before the test, smoking is forbidden.
  2. Standard blood sampling is performed in the morning, on an empty stomach (no less than 8 to 12 hours after the previous intake of food), in a procedure room, in a sitting or lying position, in a physiologically calm state, from an ulnar vein, following all the aseptic and antiseptic regulations. Prior to blood sampling, the patient shall rest for 15 minutes.
  3. Comprehensive studies (multiple tests performed over a single sample) are more informative.
  4. If the study must be performed during the course of a pharmaceutical therapy, the referral shall state the name of the pharmaceutical and the time of its latest administration.
  5. Stop taking pharmaceuticals containing iron five days before collecting blood for iron metabolism tests.