Guidelines of patient preparation for blood collection for food system glucose load test

  1. Over the course of three days, the patient shall take good care of their diet. Food with high carbohydrate levels and heavy physical activities shall be avoided. If necessary, the consulting physician may suspend some or all the pharmaceuticals.
  2. Therapeutic procedures are not recommended during this period.
  3. Standard blood sampling is performed in the morning, on an empty stomach (no less than 8 to 12 hours after last meal). Do not drink or brush teeth before the test.
  4. Do not smoke before and during the test.
  5. After having glucose level measured, eat carbohydrate-rich food (grape juice, bananas, buns etc.).
  6. The patient shall stay in a relaxed atmosphere during the following two hours; it is preferable that they sit or lie down. Do not walk or perform any activities that would require an expenditure of calories, otherwise the results of the test may be inaccurate. After the period has elapsed, blood is sampled one more time.