Guidelines to patient urine sampling for common urine analysis

  1. On the day before urine sample collection, stop physical exercises and loads. It is not recommended to eat vegetables and fruits that may cause urine to change color (beats, carrots etc.), do not take diuretics.
  2. It is recommended to refrain from collecting urine five to seven days after performing a cystoscopy, and to collect urine from menstruating women.
  3. Before collecting a urine sample, wash external genital organs thoroughly.
  4. To collect urine, use special containers available in pharmacies. These containers prevent contamination of urine sample.
  5. For common urine test, use “morning” urine accumulated during the night. This will allow for accurate analysis.
  6. The amount of urine needed to perform the test accurately is 50 ml or more. Please state the patient's ID (or full name).
  7. Samples shall be delivered to the laboratory no later than 2 hours after sampling.
  8. The container holding the biomaterial shall be labeled (special barcode of the patient shall be applied) for inpatients. For outpatients, a referral bearing full name of the patient, their birth date, the name of the department and full name of the physician shall be presented (it is permissible to apply the patient's individual ID barcode to the container).
  9. The sample shall be transported at a low temperature or in a thermally insulated container.
  10. To prevent inaccurate results, it is not recommended to collect urine samples for a common analysis, 24-hour analysis and for the Nechiporenko urine test on the same day!