Surgical mammology
Surgical mammology

Mammology services provided at the RCMC are arranged as a complete cycle system. Our highest Qualification Grade specialists offer all types of breast studies.


SI “Republican Clinical Medical Center” performs all types of mammal gland examination.

Depending on the diagnosis established on the basis of a mammological examination and instrumental and laboratory studies, as well as on the condition of the patient, the mammologist may appoint the type of therapy, which may either be conservative or surgical.

Breast oncology. Many therapeutic techniques may be employed (oncosurgery, chemotherapy and additional pharmaceuticals). Our professional approach to the selection of the scope of surgical intervention and subsequent therapy may achieve the best results for our patients.

Reconstructive surgery.. In cases when there are no contraindications, reconstruction of mammal gland is performed concurrently with the removal of a malignant tumor. In other cases, this procedure is performed some time later. Reconstruction of mammal gland is performed with the use of either implants or the patient's own tissues.