Station intended to correct gross and fine motor skills of upper limb muscles

Pablo is an advanced modern station intended to correct gross and fine motor skills of upper limb muscles (upper limb mechanical therapy exerciser). The apparatus makes it possible to both assess the functional capabilities of an upper limb at the start and finish of therapy, and perform exercises as part of interactive programs.

Besides that, the station may be used for therapy of upper and lower limbs, and to strengthen the patient’s torso and head.

The unique Pablo software enables exercises in any physiologic planes of movement of both arms and legs, as well as training of the sense of equilibrium. Due to its individual settings capability, the software is able to record any movement and use it as a model in motivating gaming applications; it can also be used to practice complex arm movements that involve two or more joints. The Pablo system may be used to practice fine motor skills of the wrist (cylindric grip, wrist contraction and release, interdigital and pinch grips) through the use of the biological feedback function. A set of cuffs and braces makes it possible to use Pablo to develop leg functions through either isolated (abduction/adduction of the hip joint, flexion/extension of the hip joint, knee joint or ankle joint) or complex movements (forward, backward and side steps). A monitoring unit, which is a part of the Pablo system, may be attached to the patient’s body to enable practicing the equilibrium function.