"THERA-Trainer Tigo" exerciser

THERA-Trainer Tigo - is an exerciser intended for passive and active rehabilitation of handicapped persons.

Capabilities of the exercise machine:

  • Heartbeat and power monitoring;
  • Gradual conditioning of the upper body;
  • Maintenance and support of the achieved therapeutic progress;
  • Symmetrical exercises demonstrate the achieved results clearly.


  • Neurological rehabilitation (cerebral accidents, hemiplegia, cranium-brain-trauma, spinal injuries, Parkinson's disease, infantile cerebral paralysis);
  • Orthopedic traumatology (condition following a prolonged immobilization, post-endoprosthesis replacement condition, postoperative period, post-limb amputation condition);
  • Cardiological rehabilitation;
  • Gerontology (alleviation of motor activity deficit in persons of advanced and very advanced age);
  • Mitigation of after-effects of motor activity deficit: edema, joint contractures and tightness;
  • Prevention of complications in patients of various age affected by reduced motor activity.

Effects of the therapy:

  • Reduction of functional deficiencies;
  • Exercise of weakened muscles and alleviation of spasticity;
  • Improvement of limb blood circulation;
  • Enhancement of intestine and urinary bladder activity.