Outpatient-Polyclinic Health Care
Outpatient-Polyclinic Health Care

In 2021, SI “Republican Clinical Medical Center” of the Administration of the President of the Republic of Belarus continues the provision of services under direct contracts for fee-based provision of health care services as part of the “Outpatient-Polyclinic Health Care” Program.

The “Outpatient-Polyclinic Health Care” Program is a package of outpatient and polyclinic diagnostic services.

In accordance with the approved Program, health care services provided based on the patient’s health status include consultations of various medical specialists of the Center's Outpatient Clinic, diagnostic analyses, treatment at the Daycare Department, physiotherapy treatment and services of the Medical Rehabilitation Department.

Requests for long-term health care services may be submitted during the November and December of the year preceding the planned service provision period.

2022 Price List

Patients intending to conclude a comprehensive health care contract or an outpatient-polyclinic health care contract that were not previously serviced by the Center under long-term contracts, as well as those who have not requested medical assistance for over 9 months, shall provide the following documents:

List of documents

  • An except from the patient’s medical records (Form No.1med/u-10) -- to be obtained at the community hospital near your residence, and shall contain the following information:
    • instances of medical help-seeking over the last five years including exact diagnoses and the results of annual health examination for the latest year;
    • results of X-ray fluorography of the thoracic cage organs for the latest year;
    • gynecologist examination results (for women);
    • information on the planned (or urgent, if any) preventive diphteria and tetanus vaccinations;
  • a statement of a psychoneurologic clinic (whether or not the person is a registered patient);
  • a statement of a narcological clinic (whether or not the person is a registered patient).

Another option of employing health care services provided by RCMC is to conclude a contract with an insurance company. In 2021, SI “Republican Clinical Medical Center” of the Administration of the President of the Republic of Belarus is cooperating with the following insurance companies:

  1. BRUP of export-import insurance "BELEXIMGARANT",
  2. ZASO "PromTransInvest",
  3. CJSC SK Belrosstrakh,
  4. CJSC Ingosstrakh,
  5. Belarusian Republican Unitary Insurance Company "BELGOSSTRAKH",
  6. JLLC "Asoba",
  7. ZASO "Belneftestrakh",
  8. USP "BelVEB insurance",
  9. CJSC "Insurance company" ERGO "(from 19.11.2020 renamed into CJSC" IC "Euroins").