Surgery for testicle dropsy

Winkelmann's technique.

An eight cm-long incision starts just above the inguinal fold and continues along the testicular cord down to the basis of scrotum. The incision includes skin, fascia spermatica externa and m. cremaster. By pulling on the testicular cord, the testicle and the dropsical sac together with testicular coat is brought up to the surface. The action is assisted by pressing on the lower pole through scrotum.

The dropsical sac has the form of a very bulging globular formation. Its content is drained using a trocar. The serous coat is incised longitudinally, pulled out around the testicle and the testicular cord, and its edges are sewn together using interrupted sutures. In cases of excessively large and limp coat, the excess is excised before suturing. The testicle is buried in scrotum. The wound is sutured tightly, leaving a rubber drainage tube for one day.

Bergmann's technique

According to the Bergmann's techique, the vaginal tunic of the testicle is simply excised after incision. This operation is more commonly used in cases when testicle coat is thickened.