Examination of the large intestine
Examination of the large intestine

Videocolonoscopy (VCS) + biopsy

Endoscopic polypectomy of the great gut.



The procedure makes it possible to identify inflammatory diseases of the great gut, benign neoplasms and polyps of the great gut, colon cancer and non-epithelial impairments. The tests enables early-stage disorder detection which facilitates timely therapy.

Most frequently, neoplasms are discovered in patients of more than 45 years old, however, today, colonoscopic studies reveal tumors in patients just over 30 years of age! It is much easier to prevent cancer than to combat it, this is why it is important to have a colonoscopic examination and reveal any pre-malignant conditions. Do you fear uncomfortable sensations? Our Clinic offers colonoscopy under anesthesia. During the colonoscopy procedures, biopsy samples are collected and, if practicable, polyps are removed to prevent the development of colon cancer.




VCS is an endoscopic procedure which involves visual examination of the mucous lining of the great gut and the terminal ileum in order to reveal specific and non-specific inflammatory conditions, erosion and ulcerative lesions, benign neoplasms and oncopathologic disorders. The examination is performed with the use of advanced equipment which features virtual chromoscopy capabilities (NBI and i-SCAN modes).

If needed, biopsy may be performed during the examination, and polyps may be removed.

Our Department performs colonoscopy both without and under anesthesia (in the absence of contraindications). You may find more detailed information on the list of necessary examinations in

List of examinations necessary prior to perform colonoscopy with intravenous anesthesia.

Preparing for colonoscopy

Please note: patients overweight must first come for a consultation with an anesthesiologist 2-3 days before the study.
If your body mass index is (BMI) >35, the examination under anesthesia will not be.
BMI = weight (kg) / height2 (meter)

After the completion of the colonoscopy procedure, the patient will stay at the Endoscopy Department, in a special wake-up room, for two hours under the care of our physicians. Following that, the patient is free to go.

Endoscopic polypectomy of the great gut.

The Center employs the following procedures:

  • “cold snare” polypectomy;
  • galvanocaustic snare polypectomy;
  • endoscopic resection of the mucous lining (EMR)
  • endoscopic submucosal dissectio (ESD);
  • argon plasma coagulation (APC).



  • pregnancy;
  • pulmonary and cardiac insufficiency;
  • general grave condition of the patient.
  • blood clotting disorders;
  • ulcerative colitis in cases when large areas of the gut are affected by the inflammation.


To be eligible for the examination, the patient must have a physician’s referral

  1. Please call the Contact Center and book an appointment for the examination
  2. You need to complete and sign a paid service contract at the Reception (present a physician's referral to the receptionist)
  3. Pay the bill at the RCMC pay office, or through the ERIP electronic system
  4. Get the examination at the appointed time.
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Обследование толстой кишки
цена для граждан:
остальных стран
Взятие биопсийного материала на гистологическое исследование (эндоскопия)
18 р. 32 к.
30 р. 12 к.
30 р. 12 к.
Гистологическое исследование (цена за 1 пробу)
23 р.
53 р. 88 к.
53 р. 88 к.
Колоноскопия диагностическая
128 р. 51 к.
157 р. 40 к.
157 р. 40 к.
Анестезиологическое пособие (в/в анестезия)
172 р. 90 к.
208 р. 22 к.
208 р. 22 к.