Cardiopulmonary exercise testing (ergospirometry) is the only currently available technique of qualitative and quantitative assessment of the response and interaction of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems and the metabolic response of the body to physical exercises. The technique is the reference method of performance measurement.



It is recommended that physically active persons undergo exercise testing involving gas measurement once every year and athletes -- three or four times per year.

Indications to ergospirometry include, in particular, the following:

  • assessment of physical performance;
  • diagnosis of causes of reduced exercise tolerance;
  • an objective evaluation of the severity of the patient's condition in cases when the patient's complaints contradict the results of examination in the state of rest;
  • differential diagnosis of causes of labored breathing;
  • assessment of the severity of cardiac insufficiency and forecasting the patient’s condition;
  • evaluation of effectiveness of cardiac and respiratory insufficiency therapy;
  • selection of candidates for a heart transplantation operation;
  • development of physical exercise programs and evaluation of their effect on cardio-respiratory rehabilitation;
  • assessment of the prognosis of surgical treatment, e.g., in cases of extensive operations on senior patients.




Technically, ergospirometry is an exercise test with concurrent monitoring of the patient's pulmonary gas exchange parameters: consumption of oxygen, production of carbon dioxide, minute pulmonary ventilation and its components -- breathing capacity and breathing rate. Apart from the above, the test involves monitoring of arterial pressure and electrocardiography.

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Ergospirometry is the only technique of assessment of an individual’s aerobic capacity. This makes it possible to appreciate, in an unbiased manner, the level of training of an athlete and their prospects to improve sports results.

In those athletic disciplines that require high tolerance, results of an athlete depend heavily on their aerobic capacities which are reflected by the characteristic of maximum oxygen consumption since the exercise tolerance is directly proportional to the ability of the body to increase oxygen consumption. With maximum oxygen consumption, the maximum physical performance is achieved.

During an exercise test with gas measurement, another characteristic important to realize the hidden potential of the body is determined, tat is, anaerobic threshold. When anaerobic threshold is reached, that is when the body is no longer able to generate energy from oxygen and when anaerobic glycolysis commences, metabolic acidosis develops. This is caused by increased levels of milk acid in tissues during exercises. The higher the level of anaerobic threshold, the more reserves has the athlete.




  • Cardiovascular disorders;
  • Arrhythmia;
  • Recent cardiac infarction or a cerebral accident;
  • Express respiratory insufficiency.
  • Acute infectious diseases.




  • Please bring a referral from a therapeutist (cardiologist)
  • Please take ECG, and heart ultrasonography (no earlier than one year ago).
  • Three days before the test, please refrain from taking betablockers (consult your physician).
  • Eat a light meal no later than two hours before the procedure.
  • Bring comfortable loose clothes and cotton socks.
  • Refrain from heavy physical exercise (going to a gym, running etc.) and smoking.


To be eligible for the examination, the patient must have a physician’s referral

  1. Please call the Contact Center and book an appointment for the examination
  2. You need to complete and sign a paid service contract at the Reception (present a physician's referral to the receptionist)
  3. Pay the bill at the RCMC pay office, or through the ERIP electronic system
  4. Get the examination at the appointed time.
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