Inpatient services
Inpatient services

We offer a wide selection of both surgical and conservative treatment services provided by our Center’s Departments. We use advanced equipment for disease diagnostics and patient treatment and rehabilitation following surgical interventions.


We are glad to offer you a comprehensive spectrum of therapeutic, diagnostic and rehabilitation procedures performed at the Inpatient Facilities of the SI “RCMC”. .

A wide selection of both surgical and conservative treatment services is provided by our Center’s Departments:

  • the Therapy Department (features specialized neurology therapy beds);
  • the Cardiology Department;
  • the Operative Cardiovascular Surgery Department;
  • the Surgery Department;
  • the Urology Department;
  • the Gynecology Department.

Patients are hospitalized both on a scheduled basis and in emergency situations via the Admission Office of the SI “RCMC”. .

Our Inpatient Facilities include the Intensive Therapy Unit   and the Intensive Therapy Unit of the Cardiovascular Surgery Department that provide 24-hour emergency medical services to patients in critical states and conduct patient monitoring during the postoperative period.

Modern equipment and global medical service standards, advanced technological solutions and long-standing service practices, and the team of outstanding seasoned professional are at the disposal of Belarusians and guests of our country!

Attentive and highly skilled medical personnel will take care of your health problems and make sure you are comfortable. You will appreciate the excellent coordination of all the professional teams of our Center -- from the moment of admission at the Admission Office to the moment of discharge from our Inpatient Facilities.