Eye microsurgery
Eye microsurgery

Maxim Gorky who was once forced to wear a blindfold because of a disease, wrote: “Nothing could be more dreadful than loosing your eyesight. This is an unspeakable insult, since the man is deprived of nine tenth of his world.”

Nature gifted humans with five senses. By smelling, hearing, tasting and feeling, we collect merely 10% of information about the surrounding world. Eyesight is responsible for 90% of it. Unfortunately, this sensory organ does not always perform improperly. In such cases, we turn to an ophthalmologist for help.


We offer our patients a broad variety of both therapeutic and surgical services.

А. Laser microsurgery.
At our Center, we offer laser eye disorder treatment services performed with the use of the advanced ophthalmology laser station VISULAS Trion Combi YAG (ZEISS, Germany).

  1. Barrier laser retina coagulation in case of vitreo-chorioretinal dystrophies, retina ruptures and retina detachment, retinoschisis, malignant ocular fundus neoplasms;
  2. Focal and panretinal laser coagulation in cases of diabetic retinal angiopathy and vascular pathologies of the ocualr fundus (retina venous thrombosis etc.);
  3. Focal laser coagulation of the leak point in cases of central serous chorioretinopathy;
  4. Laser trabeculoplasty;
  5. Laser iridectomy;
  6. Laser discission of the secondary membranous cataract and artifact removal.

We are the first Belarusian medical institution to offer our patients eye pathology treatment with the use of a yellow-spectrum laser system, namely, IQ 577 (Iridex, USA). The station is also capable of operating in a pulse mode and uses programmable patterns!

В. Eye and eye appendage pathology surgery:

  1. Operative therapy of cataract involving implantation of intraocular lenses. We use toroidal, multifocal and toroidal/multifocal lenses of all the registered manufacturers;
  2. Operative therapy of glaucoma including the implantation of draining and valve devices;
  3. Operative therapy of pterigium and other neoplasms of the eye surface structures including amniotic membrane plasty;
  4. Operative therapy of chalazion, xanthelasma and other eyelid neoplasms which involves a non-discretionary histological examination of the removed eyelid tissues;
  5. Operative therapy of eversion and entropion of the eyelid.

Operative therapy is performed at our surgical facility, with the use of advanced equipment:

  1. Ophthalmologic microscope OPMI LUMERA 700 и OPMI pico made by ZEISS (Germany);
  2. Ultrasonic cataract disintegration and removal modules “INFINITI” made by Alcon (USA) and White Star Signature made by Abbott Medical Optics Inc. (AMO) (USA);
  3. Some of our operations are also carried out with the use of the new generation cataract phacoemulsification station Centurion® Vision System (made by Alcon, USA) which ensures enhanced safety and effectiveness of operations, and surpasses the results of systems of previous generations.
  4. Today, specialists of our Center are capable of performing cataract surgery with the use of Intraoperative Navigation Systems. At our disposal are VERION™ Image Guided System (Alcon, США) and CALLISTO eye® makes (ZEISS, Германия) systems!
  5. Again, we are the leader! Only at our Center all the diagnostic and operating stations are linked into a common information exchange network! This enables the consulting physician to review data obtained by various diagnostic apparatuses and to compare the results of different examinations, including examinations performed at various times.

“Health is not everything, but without health, everything else becomes nothing” -- this observation by Socrates is relevant to this day. Adherence to global ophthalmology standards, modern equipment, advanced technologies, efficient and skilled work of our specialists are all at the disposal of Belarusians and guests of our country!