Cardiac rehabilitation
Cardiac rehabilitation

As part of our rehabilitation services, we provide comprehensive individual staged and continual multidisciplinary care to our patients affected by cardiovascular disorders.



  • Arterial hypertension;
  • Coronary heart disease, effort angina, cardiac insufficiency;
  • Evidences of vegetative-vascular dystonia;
  • Presence of cardiovascular system disorder risk factors (excessive body weight, increased blood lipid level, sedentary lifestyle, chronic fatigue or emotional burnout syndrome);
  • Myocardial infarction;
  • Coronary bypass surgery, stenting or angioplasty;
  • Cardiac valve and peripheral vessel operations.




We provide help to prevent and to remedy the cause of the disorder, to recover lost functions, and to ensure the best quality of life of our patients.

Cardiac rehabilitation involves:

  • physical therapy and aerobic exercises using the most advanced cadio-machines, with careful monitoring of load levels, heart rate, the intensity and time of exercises, and energy expenditure. Our Center offers the opportunity to record and analyze exercise results over a period of time. The information is stored in exercise machines, and may be recorded on an individual storage media.
  • Staged rehabilitation programs following cardiovascular surgery commence at the preoperative stage; they involve teaching the patient breathing and therapeutic exercises so that after-operation therapy is conducted more effectively. The patient is provided with comprehensive objective information on the planned operation and the rehabilitation process. Recovery from cardiovascular surgery commences as early as on the first day following the operation. Our physical rehabilitation programs are developed individually for each patient. The programs ensure strict balance and regularity of sessions, gradual increase of loads, as well as monitoring of exercise tolerance and therapy effectiveness.
  • Extensive use of physiotherapy activities: supra-venous blood laser radiation, dry carbon dioxide baths, electrophoresis of medications, mineral, medicated and hydromassage baths, general-purpose magnetotherapy (with the use of the unique Magnetoturbotron station), salt therapy, reflex therapy, massage, etc.
  • Psychological support is provided by experienced specialists to form an adequate attitude of the patient to their condition, relieve psychoemotional stress, optimize the therapeutic process and ensure active participation of the patient in the cardiac rehabilitation and recurrence prevention programs. Psychological counseling is provided to patients in order to relieve their anxiety, and focus them on a positive outcome of the operation and on successful recovery.
  • Instruction on independent metering of loads in everyday life, teaching recovery exercises during the domestic therapy stage, and providing recommendations on following a healthy lifestyle.

The rehabilitation process involves diagnostic monitoring, observation by cardiologists, and selection and adjustment of medicinal therapy.

Cardiac rehabilitation is aimed at the improvement of the patient's wellbeing, attenuation of the underlying disease symptoms, escalation of physical activity, and improvement of the psychoemotional state.




General grave condition of the patient.




In order to use the Center’s rehabilitation capabilities, you need to have a referral of your consulting physician for cardiac rehabilitation. In the absence of a referral, you may book an appointment of the Center’s rehabilitation therapist who will refer you to necessary rehabilitation procedures following an examination.

To do this, you need:

  1. Call the Contact Center to make an appointment with a rehabilitologist
  2. Conclude a contract for the provision of paid services at the registry
  3. Pay the invoice at the cash desk of the RCMC or via ЕРИП (SSIS: Single Settlement and Information Space)
  4. Come to the consultation on time.
Branch services
The information presented in this Price List is for guidance only. Some services are provided only in conjunction with other services. Therefore, the final price may differ from those presented on this site when contacting a medical center to conclude a contract for the provision of medical services.

цена для граждан:
остальных стран
ЛФК для пациентов после кардиохирургических операций в раннем послеоперационном периоде
26 р. 88 к.
45 р. 26 к.
45 р. 26 к.
ЛФК для неврологических пациентов при индивидуальном методе занятий
19 р. 39 к.
34 р. 37 к.
34 р. 37 к.